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僵尸粉碎 : Heyri

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In the peaceful Paju Heyri Art Village, a zombie incident suddenly occurs. For the opening of the Heyri Arts Center, three friends, Jinseon, Hyuna, and Gayeon, decided to face this crisis. And a novice YouTuber and a coffee factory president add it. Director Jang Hyun-sang's new film, Zombie Crush: Hey Lee, is a film about daily life in a tumult by a zombie suddenly appearing one day, and the struggles of a three-woman room to protect the village. Naturally, the confusion and anxiety that the world is experiencing recently comes to mind, but the movie conveys hope to everyone who is passing through this age of chaos in a wacky and pleasant way. It is time and money to remain with Jinseon, who is meticulously caring about the surroundings, but it is time and money to remain with Jinseon, who is the only person in the world. A movie that shows off the charm of an actor.


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